Petit dictionnaire

Petit Dictionnaire Des Locutions Françaises. Editions Garnier Frères. By Maurice Rat. Imprimerie André Tardy. 1962. Printed in France.

Everything about the edition is written in French, but then it says “Printed in France” in italics. Cute.

Petit dictionnaire

This is a sentimental book for Mr. OP, and likely won’t be discarded due to this. Its spine is fragile and the pages at risk of falling out if the book is opened too far, but I won’t press for its disposal. There are handwritten pencil notes inside. I am attracted to it for the colour green. Sort of a pale pistachio. Goes very well with the deep orange. I associate these as more of a 1950s palette but then colour trends to tend to overlap at the first few years of a decade.

Sample expression: Faire son Persil XXème siècle  – cette locution récente tend à remplacer la locution plus ancienne (fine de XIXème siècle); faire sa gomme our faire de la gomme.

Se faire voir soigneusement habillé et coiffé.

I think I would loosely translate this in a slangy way as to get gussied up, which itself is pretty old fashioned. But I could be reading it wrong. Google is no help – translating it literally as Parsley.

I had a great deal of fun in 2005/6 playing around with translation tools and generated a Flash web project about the concept of translation. It is more or less obsolete now – that Flash thing that Steve Jobs killed. Which is one of those archiving problems as an artist – what do you do with old work that is technologically challenged? Should you preserve it as a series of  stills/screenshots with didactic text, or try to repurpose it using the soon to be obsolete latest greatest techniques? I think about it a lot, but as I haven’t yet updated my art website (aaack!) I don’t have to actually attack the problem, hence the lack of updating of the site.

Petit dictionnaire

Status: Borrow colour palette for knitting a baby bib for my cousin’s new baby.

Kill-ratio: 22:3/ ~7:1

Alt-title: Untitled Object No. 359 For Expressing Lazy Regrets In Another Language.


Today is a holiday here – Family Day. It’s the first time this holiday has happened in B.C. I spent the day diffusing dust.

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