Pier D – A Public Art Project

I have another project on the go, which has a daily blog, that is set in 1938.


Pier D, is a public art project by Deanne Achong that uses a blend of archival and contemporary photography and a QR code that looks at a specific moment in the city of Vancouver’s history.

On the afternoon of July 27, 1938, a four alarm fire broke out on CPR’s Pier D in Vancouver, BC. After the fire, the pier was never rebuilt, representing a moment of rupture for the artist. The ‘portholes’ present a central image shot by the artist showing where the pier used to be, book-ended by two altered archival images of the 1938 fire.

Their is a QR code installed in one of the windows, that links to a daily (for the duration of the installation) blog that accompanies the site, matching the dates exactly. As it happens, for example, Monday September 26th, was also a Monday in September 1938. Some posts are “QR only” meaning they do not get transmitted to the blog and exist in the ephemeral moment of the specific day they were on the QR code.

The artwork is installed at the Canada Line Skytrain Windows on Georgia and Granville Streets from May 16th to October 16, 2016. It is commissioned by the City of Vancouver’s public art program, as part of their Coastal 25th anniversary project.

More about Pier D project | Pier D QR blog

ISEA 2015 – The Obsolescence Project @ The VAG


A version of this blog “The Obsolescence Project” will be shown at the VAG (Vancouver Art Gallery) FUSE as part of ISEA 2015 — Disruption.

Saturday, August 15th, 2015. #ISEA2015

The installation is a selection of thirty-one 35mm slides (analogue) projected with a slide projector, to represent one calendar month from the blog. These images are currently featured on the home page.  [ ISEA info for Deanne ]

Day 365 – Fossil


Fossil. A fish.

There are currently over 38,000 fossils for sale on eBay. That surprised me.

They range in price from the princely sum of 1 cent (now obsolete in Canada) to $250K.
This one has a broken bit that has been repaired, by whom or when I don’t know. It’s quite heavy.


So Merriam Webster’s dictionary says that a synonym for obsolete is fossilized. Thus is felt like the perfect way to cross this finish line on this project. Yahoo.


Status: Make rubbing drawings.

Kill-ratio: 16:3 / ~5:1

Alt-title: Untitled Object No. 365 For Musing Upon All the Moments in Time


Well folks, that’s it! I’m done.

I started this project with the modest goal of a 30-day challenge to photograph and blog about old, odd, depleted, quirky things that were taking up space in my studio and apartment (aka clutter), and now over 365 posts (372 published posts – those “OT” [off-topic] ones) developed a new relationship to the term obsolescence. It’s been most delicious fun.

I do have a “Phase II” in mind, but for now I’m going to take a little break for a couple of weeks. I’ll probably pop back in with an “OT Karmic” update post between now and then.

Until then, So long and thanks for all the fish.

Day 364 – Old School Fan


Silex-Handybreeze Fan. Made in Iberville, Quebec. ~1940s-50s.

The type of fan that you risk losing your fingers in when it’s going. It still works.



Here is a site that has oodles of information about vintage fans. I was disappointed to see that the Antique Fan Collector’s site does not have any Canadian fans in their non-American collection. Drats.


I couldn’t find too much about the Silex Company in Iberville, Quebec. I suspect because I’m go0ling in English, quoi? This newspaper clipping shows they announced on June 28, 1961 that they were planning to leave the city in 1962. Probably a lot of jobs were lost.

Fan and Dust

Dust. One of my favourite things

Status: Crank up the record player, find one of the old 45s that is playable and pour up a Gin Sour.

Kill-ratio: 18:3 / 6:1
(captioned images don’t count against ratio)

Alt-title: Untitled Object No. 364 For Blowing Away The Worries Of the Day

Recipe for a Gin Sour:

Gin Sour
2 measures gin
juice of half a large lemon
1 tsp caster sugar
Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into a short glass.

From Diamond Dame, 1930s and 40s Cocktail Recipes



Day 364!

I had to miss another day, as the blasted flu was not quite done with me. My head is weary but not bowed.
Tally Tryant: 1 | Virus: 0.5

Day 363 – Camel


Toy camel. Gift. Souvenir. Muse.


When I used to paint, this little chap was featured in a few paintings. He still has a bit of a talisman vibe to him, so he’s been kept, but shoved away in a dusty corner. Bringing him out feels a bit like an act of resistance.


Status: Prime candidate for stop motion animation. Just need to gather some dust and sand.

Kill-ratio: 22:3/ ~ 7:1

Alt-title: Untitled Object No. 363 For Traveling Safely Through Other Mediums


p.s. Been MIA for a few days, flattened by the flu. Couldn’t even check emails.
Tally tryant: 0 | Virus: 1

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