White Mouse

Apple mouse. Circa 2009. Maybe later. It sorta still works. That is you can navigate around with the mouse in the circular way, but if you try to use the up / down scroll button, it only goes in one direction (uP). No downward dog for this puppy.

It’s also not wireless, one more point towards its obsolete status.

Lisa Mouse

The Lisa Mouse – from Vetronics Apple World

Found out the first Apple mouse was called Lisa. I wonder if the Simpsons knew that?

It was model A9M0050. A brief search finds the current “magic” mouse as model number A1296 3Vdc.  I wonder how that works. Are there ~1200 models in between? The Lisa mouse is from 1983. This one I quoted is from January 2013. 30 years. That’s 3 models per month per year. Seems way too high. But who knows, maybe it’s even higher. Is there a grad student somewhere working on these stats? I’d love to know.

Day 277  covers a titch more history of mice, and for Apple mouse enthusiasts, here is a nice site with lovely photos.

White Mouse

Status: Open up and salvage for spare parts for a companion to the sea monster. She needs an imaginary friend.

Kill-ratio: 18:2 / 9:1

Alt-title: Untitled Object No. 357 For Slowly Scrolling Up In Time.


p.s. This was scheduled to post last night, but it didn’t. Drats, my catch up plans are foiled again!