Cable Drawing

Old firewire cable for the Sony camcorder. Unlike the other firewire cables I have that fit many cameras, this one is too big for my Nikon. Until I capture those tapes* however, it is still needed, even if obsolete.

(* Those tapes are digital hi-8 tapes which contain a myriad of old artwork, mundane life moments and a fire next door – thus the need to keep until they are captured).

Cable Drawing

Cable Drawing

Status: Deadline is now February 28, 2013 for capturing those tapes. There I’ve set a deadline. Make it happen Number 1!

Kill-ratio: 26:3/ ~9:4

Alt-title: Untitled Object. No 350 For Connecting to Old Work.


My status: Eyes still a bit of a bother – sensitive to light, which means the box, so I’m cutting down my online time (a tad difficult as I work on the box all day) so my goal to finish 365 days object/photograph posts in 365 days may not happen. This combined with being run down and Feb 1 only 3 posting days away means that “may not” is more like “probably won’t” but who knows. Life does has that pesky habit of getting in the way of the best laid plans. At any rate, I am only 15 posts away from 365 days of obsolete objects! Yahoo. Although I do have to double check my numbers, as there were some posts that got the same number due to sloppiness, so maybe I’m even closer?

I hope to do an OT life (good news) update soon and an OT tally tyrant (posts counting, future plans, and what not about blogging) soon and get back to commenting etc on other blogs.

p.s. A little shout out to Ann, who first commented on one of my cable drawings and encouraged more.