45 ramrods

45 by The Ramrods. (Ghost) Riders in the Sky – Side A. Zig Zag, Side B. It was released in New York by Bell Records in 1960, I’m not sure when this “Quality Records Ltd” record was was pressed. Probably 1961.
I learned from a Rockabilly site the Ramrods were an instrumental rock n’ roll group, whose uniqueness was that they had a lead female drummer – Claire Lane.

The sleeve that’s holding this 45 is from “A & A Records” – a onetime big record store in Canada, which went bankrupt in 1991.

45 ramrods

The  condition of this vinyl is not pristine. But I don’t think there are major scratches. With the pile of 45s and LPs I’m going through here on this project, I should probably learn more about the grading system for evaluating condition. Is it a G or VG or somewhere in-between? Maybe it’s only a meh – so so.

45 ramrods

Status: Digitize and use as backdrop music for various stop motion animations that are in the works.

Kill-ratio: 13:3/ ~4:1

Alt-title: Untitled Object. No 349 For Sashaying The Night Away With Ghosts

This song was a remake of the 1949 hit version by Vaughn Monroe. It reached spot #30 in the US and #8 in the UK. No stats for us lonely Canucks.

p.s. In case anyone notices:) – I’m still in catch up mode and not getting around to reading my favourite blogs. Also my eyes need the rest apparently. Hope to catch up with y’all soon.