Brass inkwell. Companion to Day 164.
This object, more so than the other, makes me want to become a writer. It’s  fertile.

If you read the ps you’ll see why I have to keep this short, but quick research reveals to me a book I need to put on my to-read list. “The Social History of the Office”. Along with many others suggested by Richard at The Future is Papier Mache.


Status: Find out if book “A Social History of the Office” is available at local library. Looks like fun times.

Kill-ratio:  11:2 / ~6:1

Alt-title: Untitled Object No. 346 For Containing Liquid Ideas




p.s. So, with already having missed 4 days due to being away, yesterday I had this freaky thing happen with my vision, which almost prevented a post today. For about 15 minutes, I experienced seeing a flashing, moving geometric  pattern in a crescent shape with different colours. It stayed when my eyes were closed. I went to the doctor today, and he strongly suggested I get it checked out asap. Nothing like overhearing the doctor tell the receptionist  “medical emergency” to get a cyberchondriacs blood pumping I tell you! Off I went to the nearest available optometrist and after many anxiety provoking tests I was deemed clear of retinal detachment. Phew! It was explained as an ocular migraine. I had no headache. I never heard of such a thing before and I hope it never occurs again. Although there was one brief moment while it was happening, I did briefly think, “this is cool”. My vision is still a touch blurry due to some drops they put in, but I had to post – otherwise I would fall further and further behind….:) I told you the tally tyrant within would be difficult to tame.