Cufflink Watch

Lone cufflink with built in watch. Garage sale treasure. Used to work.

When I whimpered to Mr. OP that I was running out of objects, he dug into a little pouch and found this beauty.
I neglected to check up on the maker, and now it has been whisked away back to its hiding place, so I can’t provide any info in that regard.

Cufflink Watch
Status:  Fix so Mr. OP can wear to a James Bond party. There must be one out there.

Kill-ratio: 6:2/ 3:1
(really this is the lowest yet I believe, at least since I started counting*)

Alt-title: Untitled Object No. 341  For Telling Time to Strangers.

* re: counting > I’m at over 5000 pix now since this project began (the camera keeps track!). Which averages out at about 15 pix per day, that  I think makes sense, but who’s counting?


p.s. In the midst of a frightfully busy schedule right now (despite it being January) and so regretfully not quite on top of checking out everyone’s blogs. Will be back at it mid-next  week I trust. Cheers