Black Bow Tie

Black Bow Tie for Tuxedo. Mint Condition. Still in Bag!

Black Bow Tie

Mr. OP cleaned out his some of the closet (I think January, April and September must top the list as decluttering months), and opened up an old Tux from a wedding where he was part of the bridal party. He didn’t wear this bow tie.

The tux has moth holes in it. eew. This was protected by the plastic.

It’s only a clip-on though, and not even close to vintage, as it does hail from this century.

 Day 304 featured a vintage bow tie – not a clip on, but still pre-tied, so not truly fitting for black tie, so they say.

Black Bow Tie

Status: I leave it to Mr. OP to decide its fate.  Flog on craigslist (at 70% off!)  or donate to the Sally Ann. Too bad it’s not Hallowe’en.

Kill-ratio: 28:3/ ~9:1

Alt-title: Untitled Object No. 340 For Putting on the Ritz