Cracker Jack Box Keychain

Cracker Jack Box Keychain from 1996. It was used to hold the mailbox key for several years, then it broke. Luckily I had another key chain standing by, Day 208’s from Paris, which thanks to Peter’s suggestion, I did not throw out. It now holds the esteemed position of keeping the mailbox key safe.

This little chap should have immediately been chucked once the metal part making it useful fell off. But there’s something about the combination of the pull of nostalgia (Day 167’s Twilight Zone TV gadget is another) and the fact that it is a wee box which you can open and close and store stuff inside. Not much, it’s true, but enough to be a tiny bit magical.

Cracker Jack Box Keychain

Status: Create a stop motion animation of opening and closing of box with different treasures inside.

Kill-ratio: 19:2 / ~9:1

Alt-title: Untitled Object No. 337 For Playing With Imaginary Pals.


p.s. I’m beginning to suspect the 90s can now be categorized as vintage. At least the early 90’s –  this being ’96 however, I will resist the temptation to tag it “vintage”.