Walter  Foster Book

How to Mix Colors and Material to Use. For the Amateur, Student, Artist, Decorator and Housepainter. Price $2.00

This book was previously owned by L.E. Clarke. I deduce this as she or he signed the cover above the Walter Foster signature.

Book Walter Foster

Walter T. Foster was a pretty cool guy. He started selling books from his garage in 1919. See more in Day 146, with his How to Draw Book.

I’m not sure if they teach this practical stuff much in art school anymore. Flipping through this book makes me think they should.
Book Walter Foster

He also seems to have been a pretty decent portrait painter, if he painted this. Her hair is gorgeous.

Book Walter Foster

This one is twice as expensive than the How to Draw Book. 2 bucks.

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Alt-title: Untitled Object No. 335 For Bathing In Colour