Remote control for DVD Player

Remote control for DVD Player which died a couple of months ago. I just dismantled the player from the TV today.

I didn’t notice the dvd player was broken for a while, our local dvd store having gone bankrupt some time ago.  I use it almost exclusively for watching my yoga dvds (not quite the same as going to a class, but hey it’s a decent substitute), and when one of them stopped playing I just assumed it was scratched or something and moved onto another. Which did work. I don’t watch yoga dvds every week, just now and then, so I didn’t think too much about the status of the player.

Then I signed up for  a “free” dvd (a sort of business feel good promo thing that came in the old fashioned post) and it didn’t work. I was all bummed out, thinking jeez, what a waste (of packaging, time ) etc. So then I thought to try it in my computer and it did work. Then I realized it was the dvd player, not the dvd. And sure enough, my favourite old yoga dvd (one of the Rodney Lee ones) still worked on the computer. By this time about 45 minutes had passed, so all I did was confirm it worked, but didn’t actually get around to watching the content.

It’s been almost three months since this revelation, and oddly I have still not watched  that free business dvd. I think I still associate it with the frustration of several attempts at playing it and it not working.

This remote control still works, or at least it turns on the player, but that’s all.

Remote Control for DVD

Status: Recycle.

Kill-ratio: 16:2 / 8:1

Alt-title: Untitled Object No. 331 For Surfing Dead Air Waves.