45 Jalousie Decca Record

RCA Victor Red Seal Record 49-0526-A. “Jalousie” Performed by the Boston Pops Orchestra on Side A I assume, and Ritual Fire on Side B. Jalousie was composed by Jacob Gade, a Danish violinist and composer. The song was written to accompany a silent film.

It is a tango. Jalousie is a great title for a tango. I should take tango lessons.

45 Jalousie Decca Record

This is the 2nd Red Seal record featured on #projectObso. Day 301 featured the song M’appari from Opera Martha, which appeared  in Epsiode 11 of Ulysses.

Status: Easy: Look into Tango Lessons.
Challenging: Research original silent film and make a 4 minute video to accompany recording.

Kill-ratio: 15:2/ ~7:1

Alt-title: Untitled Object No 330 For Dancing Out Your Envy.

[p.s. There is a blog devoted entirely to one form of jealousy – The Jealous Curator – check it out ]

The original 1935 recording by the Boston Pops.