bag of stuff

Bag of stuff. Mainly books. Bag gone too.

OT (Off-topic) – although is it really off-topic? Hmm.


This is my 4th update on my stuff. The stuff I’ve actually gotten rid of, as opposed to started to admire, worship, use or transform into prop for fabulous art:)

Not all this stuff has been documented here, but I do consider it part of the overall kismet of the project. Whenever I give a bag of stuff away, I usually feel that much lighter and spryer. There is the occasional tear shed at the departure of certain objects, those ones that have been with me for a long time, or were intended to be great things, but ended up being albatrosses. But truly I think they are more tears of joy.

bag of stuff

This one includes some of Mr. OP’s stuff. The belt is mine. I actually lost weight and it got too big!

bag of stuff

2012 closed off with getting rid of old sheets – not donated as they were truly rags, tossing out old sentimental greeting cards ( a super tough one for me – I kept 1/2), and spending a lot of time cooking to use up dried beans, cans etc in the cupboards that had been there for a questionable period of time. No one got sick:)

I also recently got rid of, but did not re-photograph:

The waffle iron, the radio, sandals (plus another pair that didn’t get documented)  and at least 4 more items I can’t remember were also released. Sometimes I say I will donate, sell or trash stuff, and sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t. But it’s happening more.

One funny moment from 2012 – I found a link to my site from craigslist – the seller was using my pixs of the toaster to sell their own.


I got 3 blogging awards (or nominations) this past fall and am only now responding to them officially.

A Versatile Blogger award from Jen at (her blog extremely versatile and lovely too:)

One Lovely Blog Award, from Edwina  (lovely stuff too)

and A Liebster Award ( which is the 2nd I think) ( a fellow Dr. Who fan)

1. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

2. Rules: Aack, I’ve left this so long that I can’t quite comply with this part the way one “should”.

Let this suffice:

Check out their blogs above.

Here’s a few more I read on a regular basis (even if I don’t always comment, time being what it is) – ones I award  whichever award they would like: (in no particular order)

Richard – The Future is Papier Mache – art, photography, fantastic lists

Syndey – – art (and I believe she is a fellow Canadian!)

FM – – challenging to describe. Very funny writing.

CG – – photographs

B.G. Mitchell – who is a about to embark upon a year of comedy, after a year of living sober.

John – – photographs (many with stunning light)

Olive – – photography – which I just discovered today she has been doing for over 50 years! I salute you.

That’s 7 – a nice uneven number. There are so many more. Happy New Year to all,  happy blogging and all that jazz.

Many thanks for reading this blog, I appreciate every comment, and have a lot of fun reading your blogs.