Book Moire Overlays

Optical Designs in Motion with Moiré Overlays by Carol Belanger Grafton. Dover Publications Inc, New York. 1976. Published in Canada by General Publishing Company Ltd, Toronto, Ontario.

Part of “The Dover Pictorial Archive Series”.

Produce your own moiré effects in motion with this unusual and stimulating new book“.
I’m not surprised this book was published in the seventies. I see it as a coffee table book supplying hours of amusement to those  partaking of certain intoxicants.

Book Moire Overlays

The archaic definition of moiré is  watered mohair, which possibly refers to its origins in textile as a watered ( or ripply ) pattern.

Book Moire Overlays Book Moire Overlays

Status: Get the projector out and film some neat patterns.

Kill-ratio: 22:4 / ~5:1

Alt-title: Untitled Object No. 327 For Watering Down Your Point of View.