8 track christmas songs

8-track, A Very Special Christmas with Hagood Hardy. 1978, Attic Records Limited. Distributed by K-Tel International.

The last of the free purchase at the antique/junk store. (See Day 306 for the story of acquisition)

Hagood Hardy was born in the States, but is listed as a Canadian. He became a member of the Order of Canada in 1992. Wikipedia says he is best known  for writing the  pop song “The Homeland” originally created for a commercial for Salada Tea.  He also wrote the soundtrack for the Anne of Green Gables films.

I wonder how  many songs that were written for commercials became pop hits? I know there’s one that was written for a bank. Now, it seems the reverse trend is what happens, where you’re horrified to hear a rock classic tune selling cars.

8 track christmas songs

There are two more Canadian connections for this tape. K-Tel is based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I never knew that. It had its hey-day in the last century, but still exists. I also learned it is called a “As-Seen-On-TV” company. Will such companies soon be known as “As-Seen-On-Le-Web”?

The other Canuck connection is merely that it was manufactured in the big smoke (aka T.O.).

8 track christmas songs

Status: Borrow an 8-track player, pour up an eggnog, and settle in for a festive night.

Kill-ratio: 26: 3/ ~8:1

Alt-title: Untitled Object No. 318 For Celebrating Schmaltz!