expo67 — Montreal, Canada Ashtray.

Expo 67 was a Category One World Fair. It “set the single-day attendance record for a world’s fair, with 569,000 visitors on its third day.” The next world fair will be held in Milan in 2015.

Ashtray Expo '67

It was sitting on the top of a bookshelf, gathering dust

So in Ontario, where stats where easy to find, there are apparently more people who smoke now than in the 1960s. Where are they all hiding? I was in Toronto two years ago and didn’t particularly notice many smokers.

Today I brushed by a smoker, and was for an instant, compellingly brought back to my smoking years. I felt a rush of pleasure, the hit of nicotine. The quick and instantaneous lift. I made a few friends when I smoked. The huddling against the icy wind must have been the bond.

Expo poster

You can download this as a wallpaper from – kinda obsolete itself as the sizes it refers to are 800×600 and 640×480!

Ashtray Expo '67

Status: Finish reading Arcades Project (itself unfinished) by Walter Benjamin. Probably have to start at the beginning as I started reading it over 10 years ago.

Kill-ratio: 28:2/ 14:1
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Alt-title: Untitled Object No. 316 For Butting Out of Your Neighbour’s Business