Box of slides

Box for holding slides. There is the faintest of logos embossed on the front latches, but all I can make out is that is starts with the letter A. It’s a portable box, presumably for either that lecture you’re giving, or the party you to go where you are the armchair traveler hopefully not boring people to death.

Whoever owned this box was both a detail orientated person and traveled quite a bit.

Rag Day – Belfast 1964 occupies slot No.1, View of Athens, Slot No 48, Apt. 303 Toronto, No. 92, Niagara Falls No 123.

The slides in here are not those ones, but the list remains, tantalizingly precise and vivid.  Nigel, Adrienne, Roger & Melvyn — Spot No. 84.

Box of slides

Box of slides

Status: Mr. OP has already embarked upon the scanning of the slides held within. Soon this box will be both obsolete and useless.

Kill-ratio: 42:3 / 14:1

Alt-title: Untitled Object. No. 315 For Storing Pilfered Memories.