Harry Belaftone 45

Harry Belafonte Record —Calypso. A “New Orthophonic” 45 EP.” High Fidelity.
The album, ((LPM-1248) was the third studio album released by RCA Victor in 1956. I’m assuming the 45 is the same year. It has the same cover. I adore the green shirt against the red.

Side 1 has the uber well known  song Day-O, which, incidentally, I used in a piece once.
It is not actually a calypso song, but a traditional Jamaican folk song. Calypso is from Trinidad (where I have roots). Perhaps its original meaning has long been forgotten. The refrain refers to workers toiling late into the night, until the tallyman / overseer has given them permission to leave after tallying the bananas. I wonder if anyone’s ever written their thesis on this song?

Harry Belaftone 45 Back

Harry Belafonte – a gorgeous looking man. He was blacklisted during the McCarthy era.

Harry Belaftone 45

RCA Victor Dog

RCA Victor Dog – Sweet, isn’t he?

Status: This treasure if part of the box of 45s, most of which I hope to persuade Mr. OP to sell. But this baby stays. Keep.

Kill-ratio: 36: 3/ 12: 1
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Alt-title: Untitled Object No. 302 For Tallying Up The Pros and Cons



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