RCA Victor Red Seal Record – Collector’s Issue. 45 RPM.

The record is the opera Martha: Act II by Flotow. M’APPARI (Like a Dream) — Enrico Caruso, Tenor. This 45 was made in Canada, can’t see any date. The vinyl itself is very thick, has a density that nicely contrasts its beautiful translucent red colour.

James Joyce used the song M’appari in the 11th episode of Ulysses. Which is on my to read list. This tidbit I found at sonic labryinth.

“Bloom is writing a letter to someone named Martha as this song commences and he notes the coincidence. He then wanders into a lovely riff:

“Numbers it is. All music when you come to think. Two multiplied by two divided by half is twice one. Vibrations: chords those are. One plus two plus six is seven. Do anything you like with figures juggling. Always find out this equal to that. “
The quote mentioned  appears on page 277 of our paperback, but on page 291 of “A Penn State Electronic Classics Series Publication”.  I think it’s a few pages back that the opera is mentioned, but I don’t want to spoil the book by starting my reading in the middle. Although given the skimming I just did, it might be apropos who knows.


Status: If it is truly a  collector’s item, it should be sold.

Kill-ratio: 28:2 / 14:1

Alt-Title: Untitled Object No. 301 For  Preparing to Read James Joyce.

Pretty sure this youtube song is the same music.