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Postcard. Editions Aérienes Combier Imp. Macon “CIM”

A french blog “Cartes postales de Mons-en-Barœul” has four postcards by this same printer, which are dated 1961, so I’m guessing this is of the same vintage.

It was either procured at a garage sale or the same flea market I picked up heaps of various ephemera .

It’s been raining a lot with low lighting conditions. Hence another window shot. I think I’ll keep this up for the remaining few postcards / old photographs I have. I like the romance.

I’ve never been to Frangy, but I think I’ve been very close, to Annency. It was 10 years ago. What’s not to like about France? Except that I had given up dairy at that point, and traveling to France reinstated my life long love affair with cheese. No regrets.


Postcard of Frangy

Status: Originally when I plucked these postcards from their dark and dusty storage (ie: the back of the closet) my thought was to ‘de-clutterize’ them by framing and hanging, thus appreciating  them all at a glance. I wonder if I shouldn’t send this to someone in Frangy for fun.

Kill-ratio: 21:3 / 7:1

Alt-title: Untitled Object No. 300 For Communicating With A Village.