Photograph of Mount Gass

Photograph of Mount Gass.

I looked at this with a magnifying glass and I do see fine web-like cracking. Suddenly I wonder if the sort of sheen the surface has makes it an albumen print?

Aah, who knows.

What I do know is Mount Gass was named Named in 1928 for a surveyor with the Dominion Land Survey, Lawrence Gass. He was killed in action in 1917. This little tidbit was found here. Mount Gass is south of Banff, and north of Fernie, on the border of British Columbia and Alberta, in the Canadian Rockies. The Dominion Land Survey, or DLS, “is the world’s largest survey grid laid down in a single integrated system.” (wiki)

Photograph of Mount Gass

Photograph of Mount Gass In Window

Status: Find out what type of photograph this really is. The paper is thin…

Kill-ratio: ~55/3 or 18/1
I kept on re-shooting this, and then misplaced the photograph, and then found it (phew!). There was too little natural light in the late afternoon today, so I shot these in the window.

Alt-title: Untitled Object No. 298 For Exploring Uncharted Territory.