Incomplete set of RCA Victor Classical Records in an Album Case (like a photo album).


As this project draws close to a year, which will be the end of Phase I, I now have to break out the Vinyl. That should take up a few days here and there. And also add a new sub-category to Objects. It’s the small things in life that keep you going.

Most of the LPs are Mr. OP’s but I have a few. This set was purchased at a garage sale probably for the case and the thick feeling of the records.

One of them is the Polonaise Militaire in A Major by Chopin. “During the September 1939 German invasion of Poland at the outset of World War II, Polskie Radio broadcast this piece daily as nationalistic protest, and to rally the Polish people. 1” It is performed by the Boston Pops orchestra and all of the records say “Red Seal Record” on them, which is a classical music label that started in 1902 in the UK. These are Canadian, were made in Montreal. I can’t see any date on them. The album/binder that holds them was in the U.S.A. though.


The sleeves are missing a few records. There are six empty slots.

Status: Seeing as these are probably going to generate that old scratchy sound, play and record.
(The story about the turntable – a modern one –  is for another post)

Kill-ratio: 21: 2 / ~10:1
Captioned images don’t count. See the rules, which I break from time to time.
Shot these on Sunday at home, so decided to let go of the neutral background. May re-shoot. Didn’t have a tripod.

Alt-title: Untitled Object No.  296 For Rallying The Troops.