Communicator Pin

Star Trek Communicator Pin.

So, in the 90s I attended a Star Trek Convention. Yes, guilty as charged. I also watch Dr. Who too much. There, I obtained said pin and a few other “treasures”, including standing very close to the 2nd in command.

This one is missing its back, so can’t be worn.

Star Trek

Image altered ~75% in the interests of copyright stuff

Disappointingly, my pin looks to be quite a bit smaller than their pins.

I found out from the mighty Wikipedia that Uhura was originally going to be called Lieutenant Sulu, but it was pointed out this might be racially derogatory, being too similar to “Zulu”, so Sulu was saved for, well, Sulu.

Communicator Pin

Status: Find a suitable clasp for the pin, and go out as Deanna Troy or Lieutenant Uhura next Hallowe’en.
Although technically speaking, I believe the pin style is from the original Star Trek, so Troy would be out. But given my name is so similar…

Kill-ratio: 23: 2/ ~12:1

Alt-title: Untitled Object No. 290 For Communicating To A Parallel Universe.

Learn all about this alt-title tomfoolery here.