cameo pendant

Cameo pendant. No chain.

I used to have a real gold chain I wore with this, that broke and I sold it in a garage sale if you can believe it. Gold hadn’t gone skyrocket then, but I suppose I should have had it melted  down. On the other hand, its tangled, broken status was depressing. So, no regrets. Okay, one wee regret, but overall good cheer.

Status: Find appropriate chain and wear.

Kill-ratio: 28:1 / ~14:2

Alt-title: Untitled Object No. 289 For Carving Out a Piece of the Pie.

p.s For some time now, I’ve been meaning to write another OT Karma update post (Part I, Part II) – including thanking a re-retero for an award, and updates on the decluttering. Each week, the weekend rolls around, and I plan to do this. It being Sunday evening, another weekend has zoomed past without getting that task done.

I am inspired by Richard’s energy – he has assembled a gallery of street portrait photographs , which I know took some time to get together. Check it out.