Salt and Pepper Shaker

Vintage salt and pepper shakers. The salt is missing its top.

I tagged this amber, not because this is amber, but due to the colour. I don’t know what the material is. It has a nice feel, is very hard, is not bakelite.

They are approximately 1 inch tall. Super sweet little objects, they sit at the back of the buffet gathering dust.
Mr. OP says he thinks they would be valuable with the missing plug.

Some of my family, including yours truly, have a wee superstition about spilling salt. If you do, you’re supposed to shake it over your left shoulder to ward off bad luck.

I’ve read on the interwebs that it might be your right shoulder. Egads. All those repetitive shakes for nought.

Salt and Pepper Shaker

Status: Find out if missing plug is attainable.
Perform ritual of shaking salt over left shoulder using this shaker, repeat at least 100 times. Videotape.

Kill-ratio: 19:2 / ~9:1

Alt-title: Untitled Object No. 287 For Shaking Off Bad Vibes.