Sandals. Circa 2008.

Worn a few times.

I’m no fashionista, so can’t truly say whether or not these have gone  out of style (or ever were in). But I know that they sat in the closet all summer and pretty much all last summer too, therefore far exceeding that decluttering rule about getting rid of things you haven’t worn in a few months.

Seasonal stuff is slightly different, but when I saw the dust (mainly removed) that had accumulated I knew they had to go.

Sayanora wedge heels.


Status: Donated to Sally Ann last week.

Kill-ratio: 9:2 / 4:1

Alt-title: Untitled Object No 281  For Dusting Off The Old And Dancing to A Different Drum.

A special shout out to my blogging / tweeting buddy Ben on his completion of YOLS! (One year of living sober). Congratulations Mate!