Iron Man Cover

I left this magazine at the studio and am posting this from home, so I didn’t have the exact date of publication.

Thanks to this muscle memory site, I found it. It is Vol 32, Num 6 published in September 1973 and features Mike Besikof, who was Mr. California in the same year.

“Despite coming off a recent bout with the flu, Mike presented a fine physique with deep muscularity. His legs could use more cuts, however.”

This was another garage sale find. There’s something about the fonts and the colours that are so appealing.

Iron Man Magazine

Iron Man back of cover

More forays into rephotographing.

Iron man

Iron Man

Obsolescence Factor: Do We Have Your Correct Mailing Address?

Status: Recover original impulse that led to purchase and fulfill idea.

Kill-ratio: 28:4 / 7:1

Alt-title: Untitled Object No. 272 For Building A Repertoire of Cuts.

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