Spray Nozzle 1

Spray Nozzle for Garden Hose.

The thing is, we don’t have a garden. So no hose. Thus, this  part that has no use, yet I found it in the kitchen drawer. The one filled with junk (aka Obso treasures).
We are part of a community garden, but there is a fairly sophisticated water system in place that has no need of a rusty nozzle.

Spray Nozzle 2

Spray Nozzle 3


Jan Van Der Heiden

Can it be true? — A few sites credit a 12 year old boy from Amsterdam, Jan Van Der Heiden with inventing the garden hose after he watches the local town hall burn down in 1652.

Status: Recycle.

Kill-ratio: 18:3

Alt-title: Untitled Object No. 271 For Spraying Out Laziness

Read more about the whys and whatnots of Alt-titles here.

My thoughts are with our friends in New York and on the east coast facing down Sandy. Be Safe.