Solar Powered Calculator

Solar powered pocket or wallet sized calculator. One of those corporate promotional thingamabobs.

There isn’t much sun around here to test, but I’m fairly certain its’ solariness has solared out.

Solar Powered Calculator Back

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The first solar powered calculators were introduced in 1978, according to vintage calculators. At the International Vintage Electronics Museum the date is cited as 1977. This one is probably from the late 90s. Are the 90s vintage now, or perhaps is everything from the last century vintage?

Day 204, Day 73 and Day 137 all featured calculators, but none were solar powered.

Status: Open up and see if the sea monster can reuse parts.

Kill-ratio: 8:2 / 4:1

Alt-title: Untitled Object No. 270 For Calculating Clutter Ratios.