Library Card

I’ve cropped this image. The last stamped date is in fact May 22, 1984.

German Dadaist Literature: Schwitters, Hugo Ball, Hans Arp By Rex W. Last

I’m starting off with this image, lest anyone get the wrong idea that I’m calling German Dadaist Literature obsolete. Although I’m sure that point of view could be argued as well.

Book German Dadaist LIterature

The main local library sells off some of their collection every year, which is how this book came into the possession of the Obso household, in case you think we were super delinquent with our returns. What would be the fine, I wonder, on a 28 year old overdue book?

Book German Dadaist

Book German Dadaist LIterature
Status: Read? Keep the library card. That is a precious talisman.

Kill-ratio: 36: 3 / 12:1

(captioned images don’t count towards ratio)

Alt-title: Untitled Tome No. 268 For Unraveling Sense


Kurt Schwitters reciting Ursonate


noticed asked not I and
told was be?'” “I am told that there
Julian and was told are
Construction broadcaster it someone here that there
Julian RCN: myself, someone I
shining area, to from it be emeralds

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