Book How to Play

1971 Edition, “How to Play: The Most Complete and Simple Step by Step Explanation”, copyright Ed Munroe. Part II.

There is a mail order form at the back of this book. This is how I know it’s obsolete.
It costs $1.95 for each payment (California residents add 10 cents sales tax).

But there is a zip code, so it’s not ancient.

On page 145 I learn that Keno is one of the world’s oldest games of chance, dating to the year 3000 BC. It was then played with pigeons.  Each pigeon had a symbol marked on it, and they had to escape from cages. Not so sweet.

Book How to Play

Status: Choose one Game – perhaps by rolling the dice, and learn to play said Game.

Kill-ratio: 18:2 / 9:1

Alt-title: Untitled Tome No. 264 For Learning How to Roll With the Punches.

More about alt-titles and kill-ratio here.

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