Match Box 4

Matchbox holder.  Enamelware. I think the design looks Persian. There are no makers’ marks.

Match Box 3

The box of matches inside is empty. Primarily because it’s not quite yet the season for candles, which is when matches make a regular appearance in the OP household. When I first saw this object, I confess I didn’t know what it was at first glance. Even though I used to smoke.

Match Box 2

Tried to find out who invented matches. First results show an Englishman named John Walker did, in 1827 – friction matches.  Further digging attributes the invention to the Chinese in 577 AD. These were apparently not friction matches.

Match Box

Status: Borrowed from Mr. OP. It’s not really obsolete, of course, as we use it. But it is old fashioned, so keep.

Kill-ratio: 38: 4/ ~9:1

Alt-title: Untitled Object No. 252 For Storing UnIgnited Ideas

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians! Grateful for my family, friends, and a whole heap of things/events that have made this year unfold as it has. Also grateful to you, dear blog reader. Thanks for reading.

It being a long weekend, I did lounge in my slippers, but also walked a lot outside. I am crossing off one item on my to-do list, which is writing a post about this Alt-Title business.