Vintage watch

Longreene Electra 21 “Ladies” Watch. Anti-magnetic. Electronically timed.

This was a gift from a much beloved Aunt who has passed on. It’s not that I even remember her wearing it when I was a kid, it’s just the gesture of the gift that makes me keep it. Although I had forgotten about it, until unearthing the old makeup bag in the back of the closet which harbours all kinds of obscure things.

It doesn’t work, but the winding mechanism still makes that fantastic, satisfying noise.

Vintage watch

Vintage watch

The blue is a bit of rubber band that got stuck to the watch.

Status: Record sound of winding mechanism.

Kill-ratio: 38: 3 / ~13:1
(I’m counting the 3rd image even though it’s captioned – a gal is allowed to be fickle)

Alt-title: Untitled Object No. 250 For Winding Down From An Annoying Day.

It’s a long weekend here – Monday is Thanksgiving (Canadian). I look forward to catching up on my to-do list or perhaps lounging around in slippers all weekend. Either way I am grateful to have let go of so much stuff, and to truly appreciate the stuff I still cling to – even if it is obsolete.

The customary shout out to Richard, and  John, for inspiring the Alt-Title Untitledpost stuff, and to Ben for the jokes format.