Box of Valet Razor Blades

Box of “Valet” Auto Strop Razor Blades. Made by the manufacturers of the Valet Auto Strop Safety Razor.
Blades still in their original miniature sweet yellow envelopes. Original cost: 25P.

Box of Valet Razor Blades

Box of Valet Razor Blades


47a Market Jew Street, Penzance, UK

There is an address on the price label. Thanks to g)o000000glitis, I can feed my obsessive streak and find the exact address. It is a locksmith’s. Perhaps it was a quaint pharmacy, with the look and feel of the optician’s next store. The shop was called “Hope-Smith Chemists” when a box of razor blades cost 25p. I wonder how much that translates to today?

Status: Borrowed from Mr. OP on condition I absolutely did not open one of the little envelopes. Precious as they are, I was true to my word, and the crumbling box has been returned safely to its place on the shelf.

Kill-ratio: 38:3 / ~13:1

Alt title: Untitled Object No. 246 For Storing Sharp Visions.

The customary shout out to Richard, and  John, for inspiring the Alt-Title Untitled post folly, and to Ben for the jokes format.