Kentucky Cookbook Page

Cabbage Patch – Famous Kentucky Recipes.  Copyright 1956, Cabbage Patch Circle, Louisville Kentucky.

Kentucky Cookbook

The pictures speak for themselves as to the vintage of this book . Purchased at a garage sale for the cover , the binding and the illustrations.

Nary a recipe has been tried although the banana cream pie on page  does beg to be taken for a test drive . How to adapt the crust to wheat free is a challenge methinks .

Kentucky Cookbook Page

Cabbage Patch Circle Book Cover

What’s not to love about this cover?

Status: Never noticed how  gritty and dirty the cover was until photographing, so clean the white edge. Cook at least one recipe then send back to the purgatory of garage sales.

Kill-ratio: 28:3 / ~9:1

Alt-title: Untitled Tome No. 245 For Creating Cream Puffs Without Prejudice

Thanks to  Richard, and  John, for inspiring the Alt-Title Untitled post delirium, and to Ben for the jokes format.