charm bracelet

Charm bracelet. Sterling silver. Childhood keepsake. The charms have dispersed. Hopefully still warding off bad luck.

More than one source cites the wearing of charm bracelets dating back to the Neolithic era, so I must believe it to be true. That’s a long history of superstition. This bracelet once had a pair of little crutches with a skier, and I never broke my leg skiing, so there is perhaps some merit to this. I am superstitious about wearing amulets, good luck charms and the like.

charm bracelet

Status: Melt. Or dig deep and find those mischievous charms and re-photograph.

Kill-ratio: 27:2 / ~14:1

Alt-title: Untitled Object No. 244 To Ward Off People Who Don’t Work With Their Hands

(Stevie Wonder in his studio 1973, in case this is blocked in your area).

Thanks to  Richard, and  John, for inspiring the Alt-Title Untitled post delirium, and to Ben for the jokes format.

I added a new category today — Jewellery — opting for the British/Canadian spelling, but still tagging with jewelry just in case. Objects just wasn’t cutting it anymore as a category for these types of objects.