Brooch with broken clasp. Held together with a piece of paper clip or a similar type wire.

Been working on the box a bit too much lately, and was looking for a hot water bottle to soothe away some of the aches. Tucked behind the bottle in the back of the closet was an old makeup back with a bunch of old jewelery inside, including this little treasure.

I think my mother gave this to me, but it may have been an aunt, and then again, it might have been a garage sale item. The broken clasp makes it a touch difficult to wear. Having pulled it out of the back of the closet, it looks better than I remember, emanating a power vibe. I’m such a sucker for shiny things.


Status: Repair.

Kill-ratio: 22: 2 / 11:1

Alt-title: Untitled Object No. 242 For Warding Off Energy Vampires.

Days 225 and 130 also featured brooches, with a lame limerick on 130.

Still haven’t gotten around to posting an Alt-Title post and other such sundry. Until then usual nod of appreciation to  Richard, and  John, for inspiring the Alt-Title Untitled post delirium, and to Ben for the jokes format. I hope there’s someone out there who knows html and appreciates the extra element of the “joke” (no pun intended).