Sony Hi8 tape. 60 minutes. 2003.

It contains the spring, summer and fall of 2003 – a fire, views from the balcony and possibly some art.

This Sony Camcorder from Day 17 may or may not have been used to tape said material. I also could have borrowed a camcorder from someone. It’s hard to remember the details. I’m keeping the camcorder in order to capture the material on these tapes. About 10 of them. It’s starting to feel like the only capturing will be an image of each one of the tapes and a printed list of their remembered, imagined, or recorded on the label contents.

Hi-8 Digital Tape

Status: Continue to keep until all hope of capturing has been abandoned.

Kill-ratio: 18:2 / 9:1

Alt-title: Untitled Object No. 241 For Storing Near Extinct Memories.

I’m excited to see an article in Mashable today about obsolete office technology.

I have items #1 and 10. I had a fax machine, but that was tossed about four years ago when we realized we hadn’t had anything but junk faxes in about 15 months. I kinda wish I had a Rolodex, especially for this project. Maybe I will borrow one for Phase II.

1. Tape recorders (79 percent)

2. Fax machines (71 percent)

3. The Rolodex (58 percent)

4. Standard working hours (57 percent)

5. Desk phones (35 percent)

6. Desktop computers (34 percent)

7. Formal business attire like suits, ties, pantyhose, etc. (27 percent)

8. The corner office for managers/executives (21 percent)

9. Cubicles (19 percent)

10. USB thumb drives (17 percent)

The usual shout out to John’s  and Richard’s blogs for kicking off this whole Alt-title Untitled  nonsense. “Joke” format at the end of  posts inspired by Ben‘s blog.