Not truly obsolete – just broken. It got a fair amount of use, and only recently broke when making gluten free pancakes. Maybe the flour was grittier.

However, even with the renaissance of baking by scratch (observed only via reading blogs) I’m not sure too many cooks actually take the time to sift flour. It’s an activity that could give you carpal tunnel syndrome, if you kept at it. I suppose there are worse ways to get cts.


The sifter was invented by a Canadian! Joseph Baker filed a patent in Canada in 1870 and a US Patent in 1871.
Curious that his name was Baker.


Original Sifter

The sifters were made in their little workshop in Trenton and a Canadian patent was taken out on 12th January 1870 … From:

Status: Mr. OP has a  plan to use a metal clip from the back of a picture frame to re-activate the motion in the sifter. I am hopeful and skeptical.

Kill-rato: 38:3 / ~12:1

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