Telephone Cord

Telephone Cord. c. 2012 –

I purchased a power bar for a media project I am collaborating on right now.

The guy at the mega chain “drug store” tried to upsell me to a battery backup power bar to suit all our tech needs. I got the basic but decent one, which turned out to be fine as the hard drive we are connecting to is a solid state drive. After unpacking and using the power bar I emptied out the box and found this beauty. It strikes me as both funny and sad that they include this object with a power bar. It was to be thrown away, I immediately reached out and grabbed it.

Brand new but nonetheless pretty much obsolete.

Telephone Cord

Status:  Spare part for sea monster.

Kill-ratio: 18: 2/ 9:1

Alt-title: Untitled Object No. 239 For Registering an Abandoned Frequency.

Yesterday, instead of taking the time to update things on this blog (OT Karmic update,  thank you for award,  and an explanation of Alt titles amongst others), I spent the day at my dad’s harvesting our two compost bins of worms. They live on the balcony. The task of separating the worms from the compost cannot be done on that amount of square feet. It was sunny. I did not tweet.

They have to be sorted into little triangular piles, so the worms will hide from the sun and go to the bottom. Then you skim off the compost, rinse and repeat. Return worms to bin and start all over again.

The usual shout out to John’s  and Richard’s blogs for kicking off this whole Alt-title Untitled  nonsense. “Joke” format at the end of  posts inspired by Ben‘s blog.

Day 9 (!) featured a faux antique, but still vintage telephone.