4-Way Plug.

The filing date on this patent was Oct 17, 1938, and it was issued on Aug 6, 1940, for a multiple service tap.  Although the patents themselves are easy to find (especially if you have the number) there is a scarcity of information available online on the inventors themselves. However, this statement is based upon only four searches for various patents. This particular inventor was William P. Herman. There are 101,000 results for this name. Too many to sift through for the sake of idle curiosity.


4 way plug

Pat. 2,210,215

Patent for multiple tap

Inventors: W. P. HERMAN, W. P. HERMAN

Status: Donate to the Sea Monster.

Kill-ratio: 19:2 / ~9:1

Alt-title: Untitled Object No. 238 For Calling Into Service the Left and Right Side of the Brain Simultaneously.

The usual shout out to John’s  and Richard’s blogs for kicking off this whole Alt-title Untitled kafuffle. “Joke” format at the end of  posts inspired by Ben‘s blog.