Made in Canada, eh.

Steel Cobbler’s Rivets – Dominion Tack & Nail Co. Limited. Galt, Ontario

Each time I think I am close to the edge of running out of Obso items, I open up Mr. OP’s  toolbox and find something else that fits the bill. They were probably procured at the same garage sale as the American furniture nails.

This box can no longer contain the rivets.



Status: Borrowed. So return to toolbox. Take note of font for future use.

Kill-ratio: 24: 3/ 8:1

Alt-title: Untitled Object No. 237 for cobbling together stray thoughts.

The usual shout out to John’s  and Richard’s blogs for kicking off this whole Alt-title Untitled stuff. “Joke” format at the end of  posts inspired by Ben‘s blog.


Had this set to publish yesterday at 5pm. Logging in now I see it didn’t publish. Weird.