Recorder Pen

A Recording Pen.

This was a freebie incentive type gift that Mr. OP got somewhere. I know this because of the faded branding on the other side. It is broken. The handle is missing. But it probably works, if one wanted to invest in the 4 camera style batteries it requires.

There is no way to download the audio. It’s just record and play, although there are two channels.

Recorder Pen

Recorder Pen

Status: Use as prop in short film of secret agent.

Kill-ratio: 28:3 / 9:1

Alt-title: Untitled Object No. 234 For Capturing Lost Time

As usual Untitled Alt Titles were originally inspired by John’s blog and Richard’s posts at The Future is Papier Mache. “Joke” Alt-title format inspired by Ben‘s joke format at the end of his posts.