Cable for TV

Salmon Pink Cable Cord for Analog Television.

I’m sure there’s a better technical description, but  the colour  tells me everything about this object. It’s a companion of avocado green, harvest gold and its ilk. Although probably this cable is older than the seventies. And I don’t know what name they actually gave this insipid pink.

Day 114 makes mention of the impending  demise of analog television in Canada. And in fact it happened a bit earlier, on August 2nd. So long bunny ears.

Cable for TV

Cable for TV

Status: Spare parts for the sea monster.

Kill-ratio: 23:3 /~8:1

Alt-title: Untitled Object No. 231 For Hooking Up With The Past

As usual Untitled Alt Titles were originally inspired by John’s blog and Richard’s posts at The Future is Papier Mache. “Joke” Alt-title format inspired by Ben‘s joke format at the end of his posts.

RIP Linda > A blogger I recently met (online) via work – she seemed like a lovely person.

Every man’s death diminishes me – John Donne