Nouveau Petit Larousse Illustré. 1928. With 6,200 drawings (gravures/engravings).

Seems to be a first edition. Previously owned by a P. Bennett, Hillside.
A garage sale find.

Larousse Illustre

Larousse Illustre Pink Page

When I saw the pink pages, my heart leapt out and started to see this book less as a silverfish magnet that I have been pestering Mr. OP to let go of (as soon I had photographed it of course) and more as a delightful object.

Larousse Illustre Cover

Status: Use cover insert pattern to create wallpaper.

Kill-ratio: 109:4 / ~27:1

Three photo shoots— the most challenging object to date. That macro lens hasn’t been purchased yet.

Alt-title: Untitled Objet Numéro 230 For Cataloging Disappearing Memories.

Page — 635 — Mémoire: n.f. (lat. memoria.) …. Souvenir: j’ai perdu la mémoire de ce fait.

[ Ain’t that the truth ]

As usual Untitled Alt Titles were originally inspired by John’s blog and Richard’s posts at The Future is Papier Mache. “Joke” Alt-title format inspired by Ben‘s joke format at the end of his posts.