Photo Album

Photo Album. Not nearly as cute as Day 182’s vintage album.

This is the type of album you would get for free if you ordered duplicates when you had film processed. It’s cheap and looks it, and the plastic is the type that will gradually yellow and stain the images over time. But there is a certain beauty to the bluntness of this type of book. I feel like it was made for grandmothers or new moms to easily carry in their clutch purses and show off babies or grandkids.

This one contains mainly snapshots and I’m not sure why it’s still hanging around.

Photo Album Memories

Status: Weed through, scan pix that seem important. Discard (recycle?) plastic.

Kill-ratio: 28:2/ 14:1

Alt-title: Untitled Object No. 228 For Remembering Things Past.

As usual Untitled Alt Titles were originally inspired by John’s blog (read original title post ) and Richard’s posts at The Future is Papier Mache. “Joke” Alt-title format inspired by Ben‘s joke format at the end of his posts.