Book of maps of Canada

Book of Maps of Canada. Not that old as you can see by the bar code. But not that new either. From the last century.

They say because of gps built into our phones and all that, you can’t get lost anymore. I find that a bit troubling.

I know someone who is planning on driving across Canada. She is an American traveling with her boyfriend. He is European.  She showed me a map (google ) of her planned route. I was encouraging her to pass through the wine country in the Okanagan valley before making it out here to the outer edges of the West Coast. They are not going to do that. They will go North. I suppose they should see the North. I’ve been North once, it was magnificent. But I think what neither of them realize, especially the European chap, is that Canada is filled with empty wilderness. Not little villages with cafes in them, but emptiness. Miles and miles of emptiness. Not counting the trees and the animals of course.  I know their trip will be spectacular. But I do hope they don’t get lonely.

Book of maps of Canada

Status: Can I convince Mr. OP we no longer need this? Or is a book of paper maps something that needs to be kept, just in case the cellular network goes down and you find yourself on the open road.

Kill-ratio: 18: 2/ 9:1

Alt-Title: Untitled Book No. 221 For The Armchair Traveler.

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