Who's Who of Jazz

Who’s Who of Jazz, by John Chilton. First Edition. 1972.  No Dust Jacket.

Such a treasure trove of information. All replaced by this bulging beast of the interwebs. Such books make me think of Sherlock Holmes sitting in his parlour with a pipe reading up on his latest client.

I believe the first entry below is for Dewey Jackson. I should have compared entries before we donated this. Alas.

Who's Who of Jazz

Status: Donated (yesterday!)

Kill-ratio: 29:2 / ~14/1

Alt-title: Untitled Book. No 213 For Referencing a Lost Giant.

Careless Love by Odetta for those of you outside N.A. Yes, more blues than jazz. She was simply the 1st singer that popped into my mind when I thought of a jazz singer. There are too many others to mention.

The usual shout out to Richard and John for inspiring this Alt Title obsession. Read John’s post about titles for the initial impetus.
And I direct you towards Ben for jokes at the end of posts.

And anyone who knows how to code html will I hope appreciate the alt title sensibility.

Dewey Jackson, referenced above.