Box for Perfumed Spice

Box for Crumbly Perfume.

I wanted to call this Spice Box as that is what it suggests to me. But I know it held scent, of which there are traces, like breadcrumbs.

This box is all about memory. I was given it as a gift by someone I don’t know at all now. There were a peripheral person in my life and yet this gesture of kindness ( a sympathy gift of sorts – not a romantic relationship) gives them a different status in my memory. And I remember all kinds of details about their life that I probably don’t even remember about my own family.


Or they are false memories. Who knows.

Box for Perfume

Status: Rephotograph with better lens and shoot the traces of scent.

Kill-ratio: 23:3 / ~8:1

Alt-title: Untitled Box No. 211 for Storing and Retrieving Memory No. 317.

The usual shout out for Richard and John for inspiring the alt-title flights of fancy. And to Ben for the ” joke” format at the end of posts.

p.s. Oddly enough when I went to save a draft of this, I got a weird error and all the words I had typed didn’t save. So I had to retype and remember what I had said – which of course I couldn’t thus reinforcing the ephemerality of memory for me.
This also didn’t get published on time, even though it was ready. WP is conspiring  to break my obsessions.