Cable Splitters

Cable Splitters. For the television/internet cable.

We had this ~30ft roll of white cable hanging about, which might be in a storage locker, or might have been chucked. It’s only for this project that I miss it now.

The odds of us needing one, never mind two, cable splitters are pretty slim. Yet here they are so shiny and tidy.
I was only pitching to Mr. OP the other day to sell one of our two tvs. It is a flat screen, but small by today’s standards (32″) and not essential. Easy to say in the summer when the days are long and full of promise. Come the rainy season I will be begging for extra channels.

Cable Splitter

Cable splitters

Math for splitting signal

Equation for signal split from

There’s a lot of math involved in cable splitting.

Status: Let the sea monster have a sniff.

Kill-ratio: 33: 3 / 11:1

Alt-title: Untitled Objects No. 209 For Signal Sharing

Alt-title 2: Untitled Equation No. 209 For Dividing the Empire.

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